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Since 2007, Tarcha World Kft. has been engaged in the production and distribution of confectionery products, as well as the trade of raw materials necessary for their production.
Our 6,000 m2 production plant and 5,000 m2 warehouse are located in Gyöngyös, 80 km far from Budapest.
We modernized our production line through tenders, as a result of the development, we have the most advanced technology in chocolate production, with particular attention to quality assurance.
In terms of our company's capacity, we currently produce an average of 600 tons of products per year, which, in addition to domestic orders, we also export to other EU countries and outside the EU.
Our products are available throughout the country in the network of the major domestic and foreign-owned retail and wholesale chains. We currently produce seasonal, hollow, Nicole Choco® figures and chocolate pastilles, but in accordance with market demands, our slice and bar of chocolate products will soon be available.

Santa Claus and Angel

Christmas products

•   Santa Claus Milk Chocolate
•   Santa Bags
•   Snowman Milk Chocolate
•   Mini Figures
•   Mini Mixed Tree Decoration

Figures and Balls

Halloween products

•   Halloween Milk Chocolate
•   Halloween Figures in Bags
•   Halloween Eyes
•   Halloween Balls in Drum
•   Halloween Figures

Easter Bunny and Eggs

Easter products

•   Easter Bunny Milk Chocolate
•   Easter Eggs Milk Chocolate
•   Mixed Eggs in Eggcup
•   Easter Bag
•   Easter Eggs in drum


Raw Materials

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other products

•   Chocolate bar products
•   Chocolate slice products

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